Monday, September 5, 2011

Home is where the heart is...

I usually pride myself at adapting quickly to surroundings and environments. I have always fit right in and felt at home in locations. It seems that as I have matured and settled into myself as a person, that may have changed a little bit. Over one week in and that little something extra just hasn't clicked for me, as if somewhere inside of me I am not fully aware that this is where I call home now. Perhaps I just grew too comfortable back in Bellingham. I was established there. People knew me. The same is not true here, but undoubtedly that is scheduled to change.

 As a bit of an homage to my "homecoming" I have included some very rough video of my new area, as I understand it. They are brief, as I feel awkward carrying around a camera and talking to it, but they should give you all a better understanding of where I am right now. As you watch them I ask you remind yourselves that I desire to be a screenwriter and not a filmmaker ;)

I am truly in love with the aesthetic of this campus. It is gorgeous. I would not call it breathtaking, as it is a few waterfalls short, but definitely worth a daily walk-through.

As I move forward in feeling completely myself in this now still foreign area, I seek that which I truly came here for. True change. World change. I already have an assignment to help me along the way. My Communication Media class: the final project is to use media to change the world in some fashion. A PSA on tv, an article in a newspaper, a radio interview or something of those sorts to explain something I am passionate about. I love that assignment. I have ideas flooding my mind with where I can take it. Through it I can feel myself truly becoming focused on my pursuits here.

I hope to proceed successfully. Enjoy the videos (what there is to enjoy of them) and look forward to some real blog posts about my time here in actual crisp detail. I am arriving there shortly ;)

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  1. Sweet digs man, always nice to see the universities people go to, really hope to hear what you think of the student life on campus too :)